Lawrence Gennari on Transactional Law

Lawrence Gennari has made a name for himself as one of the top 100 lawyers in New England. Lawrence Gennari received this distinction for his work as a corporate finance and transactional lawyer. Still, Lawrence Gennari believes that some people hold misconceptions about what, exactly, corporate finance and transactional lawyers do. If you have ever had questions about what corporate finance and transactional lawyers do, Lawrence Gennari has some important information for you.

Lawrence Gennari says that the overall field of law can be divided into two broad and distinct categories. The two categories, Lawrence Gennari says, are litigation and business transactional. According to Lawrence Gennari, litigation is the type of law that most people think of when they think of law. Litigation involves suing other parties or bringing about any action that must be settled in a courtroom.

The other side of the law, business transactional law, is the type of law that Lawrence Gennari practices. In transactional law, Lawrence Gennari and other lawyers like him handle things involving financings, mergers and acquisitions, and day-to-day contracts and other legal issues. Lawrence Gennari says that he enjoys transactional law because it is focused predominantly on helping companies and individuals handle their business. Lawrence Gennari says that litigation holds too much conflict and not enough “win-win” for all parties involved.

Lawrence Gennari says that many people think that transactional legal work would be boring or dry. However, Lawrence Gennari says that transactional legal matters are incredibly interesting because they allow you to develop long relationships with companies and individuals alike. Lawrence Gennari encourages all students to consider a career in transactional legal work.

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